Classic & Sports Car Magazine

• Jaguar XJR-9, Le Mans – Nov. 2015, Parallel Motion original equipped 1988 Le Mans winner tested by original driver Andy Wallace. The article states,”The performance is beyond that at which you utter expletives – it’s simply mesmerising. And the noise…” Going on to add, “It’s a fabulously violent experience – loud, fast, and exciting – that you cannot relate to the Le Mans 24 Hours itself. Trying to imagine being in that car for hour after hour, at night, among dozens of slower competitors, beggars belief.”


PistonHeads (UK Motoring) Website

• Super Touring Ford Mondeo V6, BTCC - 2015, Parallel Motion original power efficiency equipped V6 racers for sale. The PH feature states... "Looking over these now it's easy to forget how specialised the Super Tourers were. See how low and far back the driver sits, the amount of carbon everywhere and the incredible stance, wheels jammed right in the arches... So to see a pair of cars from the era for sale is especially exciting. The Mondeo was always notable in the BTCC for having a V6; the four-cylinder cars screaming to over 8,000rpm were cool but a V6 was something else again..."

SpeedHunters (International Motoring) Website

• Schuppan Porsche 962, Group C - 2012, Parallel Motion build equipped, homologated street-legal racer. The SH feature states... "For a motor close to 30 years old, I was very impressed by the quality of the aluminum intake manifolds, as I have seen some terrible creations from race cars of the same era... This is where I got a bit of time to drool over the oily bits... exposing the complex rear layout of the 962. It is truly a fabulous and unique car in every way and the fact that it has ended up in the hands of this particular owner, who thoroughly enjoys it both on and off the track, is the perfect end to an already amazing little story..."

"Racing In The Street" (Japanese) Film

• Schuppan Porsche 962, Group C - 2012 Motorhead Magazine Book issue 005. Parallel Motion build equipped, homologated street-legal racer featured in short film. It’s not every day that you see a Porsche 962C driving around on the streets of Japan so Motor Head got the readers more involved by showing them this awesome car in action, teaming up with Maiham Media to direct the film "Racing in the Street".

"Car Maniacs: Life With Le Mans" (Japanese) Film

• Jaguar XJ220 LM - 2013, Car Maniacs : Life With Le Mans’ is a wonderful short film that’s been put together by Motorhead magazine and Maiham Media. Featuring Parallel Motion original build equipped Jaguar XJ220LM and Porsche 962 GroupC racers. The Jaguar is a previous racer at Le Mans, while the Schuppan developed 962 is a street-legal racer.

Aston Martin Racing

• Aston Martin Vantage GT4 - 2011, In addition to high performance automotive contracts, Parallel Motion Group also undertake a wide variety of motorsport engineering projects (often on a confidential basis). With agreement, we take great delight in wishing the very best to the official Aston Martin Racing team 'Generation AMR' for their season in International FIA GT4 - with their Parallel 'Race' equipped Aston Martin V8 Vantage racers.

Tony Shulp, Commercial Director at Aston Martin Racing said: "Racing is a fundamental part of Aston Martin's heritage. We remain committed to developing race-winning cars as well as supporting and encouraging the next generation of race drivers..." To view the team in action at the Silverstone F1™ circuit - Video

• Aston Martin LM (all) - 2012, Aston Martin Racing officially announce Parallel Motion Group as a technical partner for all models at Le Mans.

AUTOCAR Magazine

• Bentley Speed 8 - 2013, original Parallel equipped 217mph Bentley Speed 8 Le Mans winner driven - Autocar gets a chance to track test the priceless Bentley Speed 8 Le Mans racer, which dominated the Le Mans 24hr race in 2003. Respected journalist/tester Steve Sutcliffe was taken aback by the tractability of the LMP machine commenting, "Engine response is awesome, for a turbo charged 4.0 litre V8 it feels like a 7.0 non turbo charged V8."

Le Mans winning driver Guy Smith also commenting "You can imagine on the Mulsanne straight, when you're in 6th gear, it just keeps pulling, it's fantastic..." Adding, "The big strength of it is it's driveability as well, you really feel that when you've cracked the corner you can apply the power nice and smoothly, and it's just very linear power, and it's very smooth, and yeah... it's a real joy to drive". The video can be found here.