Parallel Motion Consultants is an independent motorsport design house based in England, the home of F1™. Delivering world-class concepts across a spectrum of brands, which span the landscape of elite motorsport. 40 years of collaboration on some of the world’s most iconic race cars, has resulted in significant victories. Our motorsport heritage, and understanding of exotic materials for engine and chassis applications, gives us a unique insight into efficiency and optimisation. As experienced designers, we’re able to extend this know how to other non-motorsport fields.


Working for leading motorsport organisations & progressive industrial brands (inc. the mobility/efficiency sectors) on: race cars, hypercars, luxury one-off/limited-run design commissions, & production-validated designs for engines and chassis. Thus, ensuring we've undertaken projects from early ideation sketches through to digital and physical modelling and full-size prototypes. Not public facing, instead choosing discretion and strict adherence to confidentiality agreements to support our clients. Meaningful relationships with manufacturers in Europe, Asia, and the USA, provides them with an extension to their own design facilities.

As technical partner to the brands we collaborate with, we deliver performance-centric designs to keep them in front.

E2 (SPARSHOTT) ENGINEERING - Chassis & Suspension Specialist

As experienced Automotive F1™ Engineers, much of Sparshott's history is in F1™ racing cars, Indy, and rally cars, namely Lotus, McLaren, and Ferrari.

An engineering company specialising in fabrications for F1 & Indy teams. A leading sub-contractor to the racing industry, manufacturing complete cars and components for teams. Efficient dynamics means 'lighter is faster'. 

Headed in 1980 by technical director, Robert Sparshott – 1960’s Lotus F1 engineer/technician (Jim Clark), Indy 500 engineer winner, 1970s Mclaren F1 privateer (debuted Nelson Piquet), 1970s McLaren sportscar partner constructor, BMW M1 Procar Championship (constructor for BMW factory team), 1985 F300 Champion team owner, F1™ chassis and suspension specialist.

Sparshott Engineering > Customer base ranging from prototype and development projects to component parts for racing/competition cars in elite metarials. From electronic chassis and enclosures, to stainless steel work for many industries.

Production of fabricated suspension components. CNC machines parts from Billet. Specialty in high precision fabrication work, involving the higher grade materials, such as Titanium, alloy steel, 4130 etc. Offering a design facility on special purpose machines and equipment enabling handling of a complete project package of design, manufacture, build and installation

Workforce possessing a high level of technical skill and experience allowing great flexibility.

Created by Robert ‘Bob’ Sparshott, originally based in Milton Keynes near to the Tickford Aston Martin facility.

Bought out by engineering corporate in 2000 and amalgamated with Parallel Motion, latterly branded E-Squared Engineering, and moved into Parallel Motion HQ, Bicester Oxon, as a technical partner.

PARALLEL MOTION - Engine & Efficiency Specialist

Manufacturing power and efficiency equipment for race car teams since 1980. Customers include F1™, Indy, sports prototype, touring car and rally teams. Also carry out prototype work for engine development organizations. During this period working for Lotus, Williams, Arrows, Jordan, McLaren, Sauber, Stewart GP, Cosworth, Ilmor, and many more. As a result Parallel have extensive design experience and expertise.

F1 machines are highly advanced, tailored designs. They require significant harmonized development in the design office and engine dyno facility. Engines are tested to simulate race conditions, for individual tracks; alongside unique fuels for every engine, race circuit, temperature, and elevation, possible. Engine evaluation time is also used to develop the optimum layout. This plays a vital part of the cars ultimate performance, in terms of engine power, and its effect on aerodynamics. Advanced F1 technology systems require Parallel Motion to use the highest quality materials, while understanding their inherent strengths and weaknesses. Stringent material control systems, full traceability, and exceptional computer design processing power, as used by F1 and LeMans teams, ensure leading from the front.

'Power Assistance by Parallel Motion' = improved overall performance, torque, driveability, throttle response, and improved engine economy & efficiency. Working in tandem with the worlds leading Engine Management specialists ensures keeping the extreme engine parameters within the confines of reliability and safety.


Core specialities include fabrication and manipulation in Inconel, titanium, aluminium, stainless steel and other 'exotic' materials. These products are usually bespoke items or very low volume.

Specialist products which Parallel develop and supply to the Motorsport industry.

Regular racing/roadcar homologation and development works for the likes of AMG, McLaren, Bentley, and Aston Martin.

Since the outset Parallel Motion has been a significant investor in people, especially youth - both through apprenticeship schemes, and close associations with technical colleges and their programmes. We are proud of all of our staff.

Notably, many apprentices have gone on to work for leading F1™ teams, in a multitude of roles from factory based ones through to race teams e.g. Renault F1 (Enstone) head race technician Rob Cherry.

Bought out by engineering corporate in 2000 and amalgamated with Sparshott Engineering (branded E-Squared Engineering).

PARALLEL MOTION CONSULTANTS - Design & Solution Specialist

F1™, the fastest sport on earth. On the cutting edge of technology and sustainability. Pushing the boundaries of technical, innovation, and entertainment. Continuing to build on a legacy of involvement in many high profile motorsport projects, valued for it's confidentiality as well as technical expertise, Parallel Motion has always worked with the best in motorsport preparing machines that have competed and won globally. This would invariably lead to multi-industry collaborations.

- Parallel Motion Consultants was forged in the unrelenting furnace of Formula 1 competition. 

- In today's F1, efficiency is now a core technological challenge.

- Parallel Motion Consultants can bring its exceptional design and production knowledge to a diverse set of industries, helping to create a smarter, better future.

- The same work ethic used to win the development race that is F1 can be applied to design challenges across multiple disciplines.

From Hypercars to F1 racing and everything in between > wether within the software, media, or fashion industries > diverse design challenges with Parallel Motion Consultants are embraced. Every challenge is a chance to create a new work of art.


Parallel Motion Consultants encompass the design disciplines required to deliver solutions to a wide range of challenges. Performance is at the heart of everything we do, while understanding the balance of requirements to ensure the optimum solution is delivered.


Parallel Motion Consultants has significant expertise in:

  • Mechanical-system technologies
  • Acoustics, process engineering
  • Sound-management
  • Mechatronics
  • Sensor technology
  • Nanotechnology (and material sciences)
  • Industrial, composite, electrical manufacturing

As experienced designers, Parallel Motion Consultants are able to extend this know how to other non-motorsport fields. Committed to accelerating a decarbonised future, by using the lessons learnt from winning motorsport experience: superior quality, precision design, and attention to the finest detail (while always respecting confidentiality). 

Applying racing expertise and technologies will pioneer a better future – more sustainable, more thoughtful, more connected, more purpose-driven, and more collaborative.